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Should I get a second flu shot later in the season, to"boost" my protection?

I have had a couple people ask me If i get a flu shot now, can I get a second one later in the season?

So theoretically I guess you can.... but your insurance will probably not pay for the second one, and its also not really necessary if you time it right.

It is recommended to get a flu shot once annually in the fall for a couple of reasons. The first is that immunity from the flu shot wanes over the year, and you need to boost your overall protection. The second reason is because the flu viruses change all the time, so every year you should get an updated vaccine to target the specific viruses that are most likely to be circulating.

The recommended time to get an influenza vaccine is by the end of October. This timing is intentional because it makes sure you have optimal protection before the winter flu season. Earlier vaccination in July or September is not really recommended except for in certain groups (ie pregnant people in the third trimester during those months, since the vaccine can protect the baby after birth when the baby is too young to be vaccinated).

There is nothing dangerous about getting two flu shots. In fact, the CDC recommends that children under 9 years old who have never had a flu shot to get two shots for their first flu vaccination.

However, for adults whose immune systems have encountered both the flu vaccine and the flu virus before, studies have not shown a benefit to receiving a second flu shot, even in elderly people with less robust immune systems.

One influenza vaccination per year is enough for the majority of the population!! So get yours by the end of October to shore up your protection!!

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My 83 yr old mom is due for both a flu vax & her Covid 19 booster. Can she get them both at the same time? And if not, which one should she get first? Her previous Moderna booster was May 2022.

Thank you!

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